Natasha Taylór is a New York City fashion designer and tastemaker. In 2012, Taylór founded her personal brand and fashion line Natasha Taylór after several years of experimenting with different fabrics and designs.

It is no surprise that Taylór is where she is today. Tailoring is simply in her blood.  While living in Brooklyn, Taylór‘s parents owned a clothing store where her father spent many long days and nights creating unique garments. As a young girl, Taylór carefully observed her father’s craftsmanship longing to one day bring to her own designs to life.

Taylór can still recall the first time she touched a sewing machine. The sewing needle piercing through her index finger immediately comes to mind. After completing high school, sewing became a hobby and ultimately an unwavering passion of Taylór’s.

Taylór would oftentimes catch herself in class constructing garments in her head and then running to the fabric store after class to bring her visions to life. She became motivated to start her own clothing line in part due to her family and friends pushing her to share her talent with the world. 

 Now that Taylór has completed her studies at John Jay College of Criminal Justice she is ready to dive head on into the fashion world. The garments created by Natasha Taylór are cut and constructed from raw materials. Taylór's creations vary from cocktail dresses to street couture.

Taylór does not only find enjoyment and fulfillment in creating these pieces but also lives to see her clients flaunt her designs. Her first collection titled Art With No Easel was inspired by her eclectic style and need to project her many ideas onto the most prized canvas – the human body.

As a designer, Taylór aims to push individualism by creating garments that unleash her clients’ true self. The garments and designs you come across today are all original concepts by Natasha Taylór.


“Style your confidence in garments as beautiful and unique as yourself”

                                                   - Natasha Taylór